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I have 28 tickets to the Labour Day 2016 Stampeders Football Game available on a first come first served basis for $33.00 each for AUPE members...
Tuesday, 16 February 2016 00:00

Calgary Area Council Events as of Feb 2016

Save the Date Sunday May 15, 2016 – Family Picnic at the Calgary Zoo $5/person to a maximum of 6 tickets per member will be available soon. 3 separate, 1 hour sittings in a 300 person tent available throughout the day
Volunteer members that support AUPE Calgary Area Council throughout the year met at the Wainwright Hotel in "downtown" Heritage Park on the morning of Sunday March 15, 2015 to share a meal between brothers and sisters at their Sunday Brunch. Our Local Chair, Rose Read…
The Calgary Area Council's annual Family Picnic is scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 11, and the council hopes AUPE members from across the city will attend to make this year the best ever.