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January 2018 Update from the Local Chair

Last spring SAIT started restructuring its business operations and abolished 4 AUPE positions. In November we lost an additional 12 positions to abolishments. We fear that more of these job cuts are coming as SAIT continues to reorganize. The following is a list of the 16 positions that have been cut so far.

 Number of Positions - Position

1          Accountant II

1          Administration Officer

3          Administration Assistant I

1          Administration Assistant II

1          Customer Service Team Lead

3          Information Officer

2          New Media Specialist I

1          New Media Specialist II

1          Office Assistant II

1          Public Affairs Supervisor

1          Stockkeeper


As indicated in the bargaining update published Dec 4th, our negotiating team met with the SAIT negotiation team at the Alberta Labour Relations Board on November 24th to resolve our complaint that SAIT was bargaining in bad faith and engaged in unfair labour practices, as a result of the November abolishments. Please review the update if you have not yet seen it.

The next bargaining dates are set for Thursday/Friday January 18/19, 2018.

I strongly encourage you to review the AUPE Education Sector daily news at the following link for updates our updates on bargaining as well as at other Educational Institutes with AUPE support staff.


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