Thursday, 12 March 2015 18:00

PIA-Post Secondary Education Task Force

Public Interest Alberta's task forces are made up of concerned Albertans who meet regularly to share their ideas, knowledge and expertise. They both develop and help implement ongoing advocacy strategies in each of PIA's public interest Action Areas. PIA’s Post-Secondary Education Task Force was one…
Environics Research Group conducted a poll in February 2015 that shows a very strong majority of Albertans (from 76% to 90% depending upon the issue) agree that investing in post-secondary education (PSE) helps resolve many key challenges facing Alberta. The poll also shows that right…
Investing in Post Secondary Education is not only the right thing to do, it's the responsible thing to do!!! Please watch this video and share. Let's get the message out that cuts in Post-Secondary funding are not the answer.
Public Interest Alberta in partnership with undergraduate students, graduate students, staff unions and faculty associations from across the province is launching a public advocacy campaign called “Post-Secondary Education is the Answer” to mobilize the public to speak out for greater investments in PSE.